SMARTfinder Help


Meeting List Sort Order
Meetings are always sorted by time, with the current and next upcoming meetings shown first.

You'll always see the next available meetings first, in and around the location you searched and narrowed down by any additional filters you've selected.


Searching by Location
Try your "city, state/province", like "Seattle, WA". Or where you'll be on vacation or for business.

When you search in a location it will look for meetings within 100 miles (or 100km, if you're in Canada) of that location. You can change that distance setting in the Filters menu (click that orange Filters button to reveal it!). Try a lower distance setting if you're seeing too many results, or a larger setting if you're not seeing enough.


Find your Perfect Meeting with Filters
Only free on Monday? Looking specifically for Family & Friends meetings?

Filters are your friend! Open the Filters menu by clicking the orange Filters button at the top of the meeting list. There you can narrow down your search results and find your perfect meeting, quickly.